Hey there, welcome to the Padua playstation coding resource site. Right now there's a couple of docs compiled by yours sincerely, some sources and other interesting stuff. Everything here assumes you're into ASM coding (to hell with C!:) and it's all quite lowlevelish.. No responsibility taken for anything occurring using these materials. These are NOT official SONY docs and have no relation to those. All sources are in the syntax of SPASM, the excellent free assembler by Silpheed/HITMEN, which you can download from here too. Don't expect any updates any time soon, because I severely lack time to do all this (and ofcourse because of the uncountable 'gimme infos' people out there.)
R3000 instructions, cop0, some system calls, pc-fileserver, root counters, DMA. (Last update Nov/03/1999) SYSTEM.txt
GPU explanations and operations. Basicly all you need to know about it. (Last update Nov/03/1999) GPU.txt
Some basic info on the SPU.(Last update Nov/03/1999) SPU.txt
Finally a new version of my GTE doc is here. Completely revamped, this should contain most of what you should know. (Last update Mar/09/2000) GTE.txt
A small little file about low-level CD controlling. Don't expect too much, but it might get you started in your own explorations. (Last update Feb/06/2000) CDINFO.txt
A small routine to print text to the psx screen, in assembly. Not really beautiful code, but it works. PRINTGPU.ZIP
Wondered about the how or what of root counters? Then check out this quick example. It now also demonstrates how to play a mod using Silpheed's modplayer for ASM. (Last update Nov/03/1999) ROOTEXMP.ZIP
I know some of you wanted this, so here it is: a simple vertical blank irq. No more nasty initpad vsync, but a proper counter.(Last update Nov/03/1999) VBLANK.ZIP
Latest version of the excellent R3000 assembler by Silpheed/Hitmen. (The cop2 instructions are fixed in this one) SPASM034.ZIP
Objdis v1.3. The latest update of surfsmurfs way cool .obj disassembler. New in this version is disassembly of the GTE functions.
The C64 demo group.

Coming from c64 these were one of the first PSX groups.

If you have no clue as to what this is all about read the faq on the pages of these guys.
Paradox intro maestro Van Helsing shows us the ropes here.

Lotsa other docs, tools and a shitload of links at Loser's site.

Get caetla v0.35 from here. They finally have a small english section for us non .jp people :) K-communications
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Take care.. Doomed/Padua.